Fernwood is a special place where the woodland ferns grow so thick that they easily conceal the faerie world beneath them from the eyes of unsuspecting humans. Dappled sunlight filters through onto the moss, mushrooms, insects and wildflowers of the faeries' home. Sometimes the faeries come out and frolic with the other creatures of the forest. This is when you need to be still and open your heart to their magic....maybe you will see....


​Ever since I was a very small child I was enchanted by the fantasy world of faeries, mermaids, and dragons.  I feel that these creatures help to keep magic and wonder alive in our hearts and allow us to escape into a special world not our own. I imagine that they embody the earth’s powerful healing energies and perhaps can share that with us if we can be open to receiving those gifts.  Each  one of a kind sculpture or “art doll” is made with a variety of mediums including polymer clay, handmade paper, fabric, feathers, beads, baubles and natural findings from the forest floor or seaside.   I allow my friends to “tell me” who they are, often sculpting and creating with no particular vision and enjoying the magical ways in which they help me bring them to life.  When they are complete they share their story with me, giving me their name, who they are in Fernwood and what special gifts they have to share.  “Shadow Faeries” are custom commissions of faeries or other friends that find a human that they are especially taken too, often embodying the traits and qualities that make that person special.  They are a magical kind of portraiture and can be lovely gifts for someone special to you.  


Fernwood Filigree jewelry is one of a kind thread lace crochet.  I use age old crochet techniques and patterns and freshen them up with vivid color, bits of modern and vintage metal findings, and a bit of sparkle.   Lightweight and comfortable to wear, all threads are 100% natural fibers such as cotton, silk and linen.

Artist Statement